Our commitment to sustainable business practices is guided in part by the sustainable procurement strategy that has been adopted by the Government of Nova Scotia. This strategy considers economic, social, and environmental issues.

We believe that size does not matter when it comes to sustainable business practices. Individuals and small groups, acting in a collective and sustainable manner, can have as much of an impact on improving our communities as any large organization can.

The following outlines just a few simple activities that we have adopted, in order to operate in a sustainable manner. We believe these common sense, and easy to do activities, are things that most of us can do in order to live in a sustainable manner.

Economic Sustainability

  • We locally source for goods and services when possible.
  • We maintain a list of educational and professional contacts in Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada , to work collaboratively when possible.
  • We use high-speed internet connections to communicate with clients in rural areas. This provides an affordable and environmentally friendly alternative that can address their need for skilled professionals.

Environmental Sustainability

  • Our company vehicle receives regular efficiency maintenance, and public transportation is used when practical.
  • Our internet hosting and services are provided through “”, a Canadian owned company. HostPapa promotes the development and use of wind and solar energy resources by purchasing green energy certificates to offset their carbon footprint.
  • Some of our electronic equipment is set to “idle” power usage during regular use, and is unplugged completely after hours to prevent “vampire” electrical usage.
  • We operate under a “reduce, reuse, recycle” philosophy during business operations wherever practical.
  • We reduce paper and printing activities through: duplex printing, using recycled toner cartridges, and using reduced toner settings for routine printing.
  • We use minimal paper based marketing for our business activities.

Social Sustainability

  • We contribute to the community by offering some of our professional services to non-profit organizations at a reduced rate.
  • We maintain workplace health and safety certifications including first-aid training, occupational health and safety, and workplace hazardous materials information systems knowledge on an annual basis.